Total Achievements : 35

Event: National karate Championship - 2018
Event Venue : Talkatora Indore Stadium, New Delhi
Event Date : 9th Jan, 2018
Description :


Organised By :- Extreme karate Sports Association Of India.

National karate championship was held at Talkatora Indore Stadium, New Delhi, on 9th January 2018.

Students from our school won the following medals with their exceptional talent and hard work taught by Mr. Michael Lee


Gold Medals Winners:

Riddima Srivastava

Devansh Baghel


Silver Medal Winners:

Yuvansh Baghel

Harshit Sharma

Yati Gupta


Bronze Medal Winners:

Ayush Bhadoria

Pratyush Jain

Event Venue : AGRA
Event Date : 17th Nov, 2017
Description :

CA Intermediate Exam was conducted in the month of November’2017. The result for the same came on 28th January’2018. 1,87,000 students appeared for the exam and 35,000 of them passed. Among them three students of St. Clare’s Senior Secondary School cleared the exam in their first attempt.

Gaurang Agarwal – Rank AIR 47 (cleared both groups)

Isha Arora – (cleared both groups)

Priyanka Agarwal (cleared first group)

On their success the management & staff congratulates them to wishes them god’s blessings

Event: 8th International Karate Championship
Event Venue : Clarks Amer Hotel,Jaipur, Rajasthan
Event Date : 11th Oct, 2017
Description :

8th International Karate Championship approved by Karate Association of India organized by Shifo-Ryu karate school of India, was held at Clarks Amer Hotel,Jaipur, Rajasthan from 11th October to 14th October 2017.

Students from 12 countries participated in this auspicious event. The students from our school also participated and represented our country in this competition  which was a very proud moment for all of us. Achievers are as follows:-

1)Devansh Baghel (Bronze Medal) – KATA

2)Vedika Tripathi (Bronze Medal) – KUMITE

3)Kyera Searchfield ( Silver Medal) – KUMITE


Our very own Michael Lee Sir was also honoured by the organizing committee for his dedication.


Event Date : 11th Oct, 2017
Description :

Cluster 4 Athletic Meet 2017-18 was organizes by Shyam Bihari Senior Secondary School, Etah from 11th Oct to 13th Oct. 78 school teams participated. Our school bagged five medals 2 Silver & 3 Bronze.

Students are as follows:-

1)Kavya Singh - 100mt, 200 – Bronze

2) Divyanshi - Long Jump - Silver

3) Shrishti - Shot Put -  Silver

4) Abhay Gautam - Discus throw - Bronze

Event Venue : HATHRAS
Event Date : 15th Jul, 2017
Description :

6th Interstate karate championship-2017 was held on 15th and 16th July, 2017. In which children from our school, participated and bagged one gold, one silver and two bronze.

Achievers are as follows:

1) Yuvansh Baghel (Gold) I-A

2) Devansh Chaudhary (Silver) III-B

3) Uttkarsh Srivastava (Bronze) III-A

4) Devansh Baghel (Bronze) III-B

Event Venue : St. Clare's Senior Secondary School
Event Date : 17th May, 2017
Description :

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement”.

Orange Competition assessment  exam was conducted at St. Clare’s Sen. Sec. School in which some of our students from Alpha block exhibited an outstanding performance.


The Achievers are as follows:-

1)The School topper Ayush Chaudhary from class IV-C got 4 certificates.

2)Distinction certificate were awarded to:-

a)      Navya Arora from Class III-C

b)      Ishana khattar from Class III-A

        3)Participation certificates were awarded to the following students:

a)      Ansha Sharma from class IV-C

b)      Madhav Nagpal from class IV-C

c)       Robin Tigga from class IV-A

d)      Abhinav Singh from class IV-A

e)      Yash Kadiyan from class IV-C

f)       Ojasvi  Upmanyu from class IV-C

g)      Shonak  Chaudhary from class IV-C

Event: Inter District SHITO-RYU karate championship-2017
Event Venue : St. Clare’s Sr. Sec. School, Agra
Event Date : 17th May, 2017
Description :

Inter District SHITO-RYU karate championship-2017 organized by Agra SHITO-RYU karate association was held on 14th May (Sunday) in St. Clare’s Sr. Sec. School Agra where contestants from different academy has participated, After a tough competition students from our school won 13 Gold,2 Bronze medals from omega and alpha block.

Achievers are as follows:-


1.       Piyush Kumar VII-A            (Gold Medal)

2.       Akshit Raj VII-B                   (Gold Medal)

3.       Ridhima Kohli V-A              (Gold Medal)

4.       Neelmani Gautam   X-C     (Gold Medal)

5.       Rehan Ali    X-C                    (Gold Medal)

6.       Prabhjot Singh XII-B           (Gold Medal)

7.       Dev Agarwal  V-B                (Gold Medal)

8.       Prashant      X-C                   (Silver Medal)

9.       Priyanka Yadav  IX-B           (Silver Medal)


Juniors                                                                                                       Silver:-

1.Devansh Bhagel  III-B  (Gold Medal)                                         1. Hith Agarwal                       II-A

2.Devansh Mudgal  IV-B (Gold Medal)                                        2. Vaibhav Bhagour                III-A

3.Vipul Rawat  III-C (Gold Medal)                                                 3. Devansh Chaudhary          III-B

4.Vedika Tripathi III-A (Gold Medal)                                            4. Yash Saxena                        III-C

5.Ananya II-B (Gold Medal)                                                           5. Aryan Pratap Singh            III-C

6.Kyera Trisha III_C (Gold Medal)                                                 6.Kritiya Joshi                         III-C

7.Utkarsh Shrivastav III-A (Gold Medal)                                       7. Anuv Shrivastava              IV-B

8.Suhani Dixit II-B (Gold Medal)                                                    8. Naman Sachdeva              II-B



1.Samman Upadhya  III-C


Event: Agra District sub-junior and junior swimming championship
Event Venue : G.D Goenka Public School
Event Date : 16th May, 2017
Description :

Agra District sub-junior and junior swimming championship was held on 11th & 12th May 2k17 organized by Agra district swimming championship in G.D Goenka Public School.


1)  Neelmani gautam of class X-C secured 2nd position in 50 meter back stroke in junior category.

Event Venue : Sports Stadium Hathras (INDIA)
Event Date : 21st Jan, 2017
Description :

World Budo Shotoryu Karate Federation India held at Sports Stadium, Hathras (INDIA) on 21st

& 22nd January children from our school participated and achieved medals.

Achievers are as follows:-

Vedika Tripathi                   II-A        Gold Medal

Kyra Trisha                         II-C        Gold Medal

Rehan Ali                           IX-C       Gold Medal

Neelmani Gautam             IX-C        Silver Medal

 Piyush Kumar                  VI-B        Bronze Medal

Devnash Bhaghel             II-B          Bronze Medal

Sankalp                             I-C          Bronze Medal

Event: 5th U.P. State Kick Boxing Championship
Event Venue : RajKamal Inter College
Event Date : 3rd Dec, 2016
Description :

Agra Kick Boxing organised 5th U.P. State Kick Boxing championship in RajKamal Inter College. Students of our school also participated and won medals. Students who won medals are-

Gold Medal

1-Vedika Tripathi

2-Kyera Trisha

3-Utkarsh Shrivastava

4-Devansh Baghel

Silver Medal

1-Hitesh Yadav

2-Devansh Chaudhary

Event: National Karate Championship 2016
Event Venue : Phulera, Jaipur
Event Date : 16th Oct, 2016
Description :

National Karate Championship 2016 was held in Phulera Jaipur on 16th October, 2016 in which children from our school participated and won the following medals & certificates:-

1.       Vedika Tripathi (Gold) II-A

2.       Kyera (Silver) II-C

3.       Uttkarsh Srivastava (Silver) II-A

4.       Devansh Chaudhary (Bronze) II-B

5.       Devansh Bhagel (Bronze) II-B

6.       Sankalp (Bronze) I-C

Event: 8th National Thai Boxing Championship
Event Venue : The International School, Fatehabad Road, Agra
Event Date : 2nd Oct, 2016
Description :

8th National Thai Boxing Championship held at “The International School”, Fatehabad Road, Agra on 30th Sept to 2nd Oct 2016. In which 18 states teams had participated from all over India and 3 children from our St. Clare’s Sr. Sec. School represented U.P. states in different categories. Children are:

Vedika Tripathi (IInd A) won Gold Medal,

Sankalp Kumar (Ist C) got National Participant Certificate,

Vansh Gupta (IInd A) got National Participant Certificate.

 All three children played very well.

Total Achievements : 35